Function of Stereotype feat. Dr Amos Wilson, Dr Martin Luther King Jr & Dave Chappelle

by Money Stax, Dow Jonez, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr & Dave Chappelle

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You call the Indians savages
So you can behave toward them what? Savagely
That’s the function of stereotype
If I call you a criminal then I can treat you what? Criminally
I don’t owe you justice
In fact shooting you in the streets is justice

Who are we? What.Am I? Where am I from?
From where have I come? What with me from there have I brung?
I will find out, I swear it on the air in my lungs
And when I do I draw a map and it be here for my sons
I hope he doesn’t have to struggle for groceries
Or justify a crime every time he finds himself hungry
Hope he never finds himself out here confronted by the police who doesn’t draw a line between a P.h.d or O.G.
I hope he knows that if there’s no justice there can’t be peace
I hope he don’t mistrust in a system where he won’t proceed
Hope he knows it ain’t safe wearing hoodies walking up your street
Can catch a cap, if the shooter ain’t black he’s likely to go free
Hope he don’t be on heroin, slow speed, on codeine
I’m hoping that he’s predisposed to keeping his nose clean
Hope he knows that four ounces of dro, ain’t no doe stream
And it’s a felony, so I hope he don’t even smoke weed
I hope he don’t get roped up with those drug dealers or dope fiends
To where he don’t see what’s being inflicted on his own creed
I hope the destiny of his people gets put before greed
In conclusion I hope its revolution if he’s gonna bleed

I have a dream
I must confess that uh, that dream that I had that day has at many points, turned in to a nightmare

Here to collect what I’ve been put in here to have like, gimme mine
Then I'm told that I never had rights
Cause I'm from the land of the have-nots where folks got put in holes after having lived out a half life
This ain't no game out here these guns are real
Bullets flying like sideways rain, you might witness ya son got killed.
A lot of pain out here and don't know how to feel
Is it the way it is, or should I change up how I deal with it
Wait for the day that we become aware, impossible to see ahead if history has done us real vicious
Yo they say life is for the taking, but not if your race is blatant
You’re black and it’s not the same when our value’s forsaken, and our likeness is tainted
So I’m asking for equal treatment, but all I get back is hatred
Moses is dead
And ain't no more Malcolm
And the next Dr King’s going to fall to that same outcome
And I don’t know about them, but history taught me that the present is the part of time that you can't outrun
The future is now
Just how much abuse is allowed?
And YouTube shows them shooting us down
You’re bleeding out next seat from ya child
So how is Drake and Meek Mill what the the streets still speaking about?
You know the truth and scared to speak it aloud
Cause you ain't got half the emancipation Abe Lincoln allowed

Things like racism are institutionalized, it’s systemic
You might not know any bigots
You feel like, well… I don’t hate black people, so I’m not a racist
But you benefit from racism
Just by the merit of the color of your skin, there’s opportunities that you have
You’re privileged in ways that you may not even realize because you haven't been deprived in certain ways

The system is covert, hush hush
It’s no such thing as justice for young bucks amongst us, we are amongst dust
How tall could America stand without this damn slum crutch
They deem us dumb fucks, wonder why they get bum rushed
Why do guns bust at the banks where they keep funds tucked
Why should we be so law abiding when they’re so unjust
And its visible through this municipal system of officials who use the judicials to create the hells that we’re living through
It's in the news, you ain’t even leaving your living room to see this living doom we’ve been for years bearing witness to
Thus put an end to the traditional principles of one nation indivisible
That shit is inadmissible
Not to mention you put an end to the lives of the people who
Had the potential to show the world you ain't invisible
That’s typical
And got the fucking nerve to call us criminals, and act like it ain’t pivotal
Oppression’s inexplicable


released June 1, 2016
Produced by: Dow Jonez & Money Stax
Written by: Dow Jonez & Money Stax



all rights reserved


Vicious Cycle Dallas, Texas

A pair of females able to captivate and astound with wordplay and incredible lyricism, without stooping to the level of over- sexualization. Vicious Cycle is a monumental team out of the DFW area consisting of the game’s most elite spitters. These two ferocious femcees will get gritty at the drop of a hat and are poised to take the hip-hop world by storm. ... more

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